All orders received by DANA AUTOMOCIÓN, S.A.  Zaragoza Plant will be subject to quotation on the basis of a Proforma Invoice for subsequent confirmation by the customer in writing. No order will be entered for production and/or delivered until reception of the confirmation of said Proforma Invoice in writing, unless otherwise specified.

The Proforma Invoice shows a validity date at the bottom of the document. Once the validity period has matured, DANA AUTOMOCIÓN, S.A.  Zaragoza Plant reserves the right to amend the prices and any data concerning this document.

DANA AUTOMOCIÓN, S.A.  Zaragoza Plant recommends the customer to use our Part Numbers mentioned in our Catalogues when booking the orders. DANA AUTOMOCIÓN, S.A.  Zaragoza Plant gives the O.E. Numbers in its Catalogues in good faith, but such O.E. Numbers may have been changes during the life of our Catalogues. DANA AUTOMOCIÓN, S.A.  Zaragoza Plant cannot accept any liability resulting from such changes.


The price list is not considered to be an offer. Our prices are to be understood on the basis of the INCOTERMS 2000 conditions mentioned on the Proforma Invoice or previously agreed with the customer, packing non-included. Our prices may be amended without pre-notice, according to the financial or tax conditions, and they are always invoiced on the basis of the Price List in force on the confirmation date of the order, unless otherwise agrees.


Payment will be effected according to the conditions set up in the Proforma Invoice, unless they were previously agreed with the customer.

The amount should be paid to our bank account mentioned in the Proforma Invoice, on due time.

In case a documentary credit is used as payment, the above mentioned bank will be considered the sole beneficiarys bank, and all charges outside our accounts will be met by the applicant. DANA AUTOMOCIÓN, S.A.  Zaragoza Plant reserves the right to reject those documentary credits containing clauses which may jeopardise the normal development of the sales transaction or which do not meet the above mentioned terms or the conditions mentioned on the Proforma Invoice.


The title of our products will not be passed to the Buyer until the price is full paid. This reserve does not authorise the customer to cancel his order, this possibility being restricted to the Seller.


Our warranty covers replacement only of all parts acknowledged as faulty by our Quality Department within two months following shipment of the goods. In no case will this replacement entitle to financial indemnity.

All claims should be submitted to us by registered mail.


The Sale contract is constructed in accordance with Spanish Law and will be subject to the jurisdiction of the Courts of Zaragoza, Spain.


Our terms and conditions